Real World IT is not about the bugs and problems with your PC, Tablet and Mobile phone. It is about your approach to IT in your life and how to make best use of it in a world of many options.

Are you overcome with the feeling that you are not making best use of the technology of the 21st century?

Not sure what a Hangout is and why it is different/better/worse than a text message or a video call?

Have your contacts spread between a number of different accounts and devices and have no idea how to get them everywhere you need them?

Have lost your contacts because you lost the phone and then needed to ask all your friends to send you their contact details?

Have thousands of photographs somewhere but you are not sure where (and never see them again?)

If these questions apply to you, and many others about how to make best use of your tech to improve your life and not destroy it, then please do get in touch and we can help. Consultations start from as low as £20 to sort out how to make best use of the tech in your life. Where do you start? Just contact us with the information below and we will be in touch.